TownSuite® Municipal Software

Barnes & Duncan has partnered with Procom Data, the developers of TownSuite® Municipal Software, to deliver a fully integrated suite of municipal software applications to Manitoba. The suite of applications, including Mapping, Planning, TCA, Financial and Fire Hall, are designed to work together but can be purchased separately.

As the sole vendor of TownSuite® in Manitoba , Barnes and Duncan will manage the transformation from existing systems to the TownSuite® platform. We offer flexible training and continued local support.

To find out more information about TownSuite® Municipal Software, please visit TownSuite’s website or email us.

TownSuite® Mapping

TownSuite® Mapping is a revolutionary, easy to use GIS viewer and editor designed specifically for municipalities. View PDF >

TownSuite® TCA

TownSuite® TCA is asset management made easy. It is a one-stop shop for managing your tangible capital assets, it is PSAB 3150 compliant and best of all it integrates directly with other TownSuite modules. View PDF >

TownSuite® Financial

TownSuite® Financial is a true fund accounting system that is designed to handle the specific financial management needs of municipal governments. View PDF >

TownSuite® Planning

TownSuite® Planning is a seamlessly integrated collection of parcel-centric applications designed to simplify management of your municipal planning activities. View PDF >

TownSuite® Fire Hall

TownSuite® Fire Hall is a management system for municipal fire departments with the tools needed to effectively manage daily operations. View PDF >