Land Use Planning

Client Consultation

We work with our client to understand their development goals and navigate the ways in which the process may need oversights, approvals, and other considerations.

Design Development

From individual lot plans to large-lot subdivision proposal, we provide concept design through to final plans for approval by the local planning authority.

Community Consultation

We offer a range of community consultation engagements. Whether on-line or in-person, we understand the requirements of community engagement. We clearly convey what is being asked and why, resulting in more meaningful engagement.

Professional Review

We recommend every development undertake a professional review of relevant by-laws to determine compliance and confirm with the designated officer.

Professional Representation

If your project is faced with a public hearing, requires expert testimony, or the like, we can present the matter on your behalf to the Deciding Body.

By-law Development

We undertake reviews of all levels of Municipal and Planning District By-laws and Land Use Codes for Reserve Communities. This includes text and map amendment and whole by-law repeal and replacement.