Design Development

Do you have a land development idea? Do you want a team of professionals to review the potential development outcomes and help create a design that can be supported by the Public Service?

From individual lot plans to large-lot subdivision proposal, we provide
concept design through to final plans for approval by the local planning authority.

Residential, Commercial, Business Park, Industrial and Mixed Use Developments

A registered professional planner brings a wealth of expertise to the table, crafting designs that adeptly cater to residential, commercial, and mixed-use developments, ensuring they meet both your vision and community standards. Their strategic foresight allows them to anticipate and incorporate public service support into the design from the outset, aligning with local planning policies and potential public preferences.

With a holistic approach, they balance aesthetic appeal with functionality, creating spaces that not only attract and serve residents and businesses but also comply with zoning and land-use regulations. Whether it’s a cozy neighborhood, a bustling business park, or a dynamic industrial site, a professional planner designs with an eye towards sustainability, efficiency, and community integration. Hiring a planner means turning your development concept into a comprehensive plan poised for approval, setting a solid foundation for your project’s success.

Servicing Capacity and Infrastructure Needs

A registered professional planner is instrumental in ensuring that your development is supported by the necessary infrastructure, carefully reviewing and planning for servicing capacity from the ground up. They assess the availability and adequacy of utilities such as water, sewer, roads, and electricity, guaranteeing that the infrastructure can meet the demands of your project without compromising future growth or existing services.

Their expertise enables them to navigate and coordinate with utility providers and municipal departments, integrating essential services into your development plan seamlessly. This foresight not only safeguards functionality and compliance but also optimizes cost-efficiency and sustainability, positioning your development for long-term success. Our team can work immediately with the municipal engineers and land surveyors to have tangible results from the outset.

By engaging a professional planner as part of your land development project, you ensure that your project is not only visionary but also viable, with a robust infrastructure strategy that supports your development’s

Sketch Plans, Mock-Ups and Design Charette

Unlock the full potential of your land development project with a registered professional planner who specializes in turning abstract ideas into concrete visual representations. Through sketch plans, they lay the groundwork for precise surveying and development, offering a clear vision that streamlines decision-making and revisions. Engaging in mock-ups, a planner brings your project to life, providing tangible models that showcase the project’s scale, context, and potential impact. By facilitating design charettes, they harness the collective creativity and expertise of stakeholders, fostering collaborative problem-solving that results in innovative and widely supported design solutions.

Partnering with a professional planner ensures a dynamic, iterative design process that not only captivates but also concretely advances your project towards realization.