Feasibility Studies

Uncertainty is a constant that clients face when deciding to move forward with a project. Making decisions without proper consideration and planning can be highly uncertain. Feasibility studies offer you the chance to get it right before committing time and money to an idea that may not work in the way you originally planned, causing you to invest even more to fix mistakes. Feasibility studies are key because they consider the big picture first and then think in a top-down fashion. In this way, several starter questions lead to more detailed questions that become progressively narrower in focus as you get closer to reaching an ultimate answer. Feasibility studies can also help to secure funding for your project as it illustrates your commitment to the project and provides funding agencies with calculated estimates.

Subdivision Planning

Having legal surveyors and engineers on staff illustrates our breadth of experience in this field. When choosing a subdivision lay out it is important to have options and to understand the costs associated with them.

Storm Water Management

Storm Water management studies can influence owner decisions in many facets. Governing bodies impose many different restrictions on storm water run-off. Often these studies reveal constraints not readily apparent at first glance. It is effective to identify potential difficulties before making significant investments in infrastructure or otherwise.

Sewer and Water Infrastructure

Bearing in mind the condition of existing infrastructure and expectations for population growth we can tell you whether or not your infrastructure should be replaced and when that should occur.

Facultative Lagoons

If you believe your lagoon is at or near capacity then a preliminary assessment of its capacity is a logical first step. But we will take it one step farther – we’ll tell you what your lagoon size should be based on a 10, 15 or 20 year population growth expectation so you can plan for the future.