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The firm employs a wide range of professional and technical staff able to meet the challenges of your project. Contact one of our professional staff to answer your surveying or engineering related questions, including providing you with a quotation of our fees to complete your project.

Land Surveyors

Christian P. Korell, M.L.S.

Donald F. Shiach, M.L.S.

Jesse P. S. Carels, M.L.S., C.L.S.

Michael E. Sippola, M.L.S.

Kelly W. Mantik, M.L.S.

Jason A. Crossley, M.L.S.

Daniel B.J. Gautron, M.L.S., O.L.S., O.L.I.P.

Ian W. Baldwin, M.L.S.

Scott J. Dunphy, M.L.S.

Leslie N. McLaughlin, M.L.S.

James E. Bailie, M.L.S.

Vince B. D. Sward, M.L.S.


Brett Carels, P. Eng.

Charles (Chuck) Terpstra, P. Eng.

Alex Nezvesciuc, P. Eng.

Angela Swanson, C.E.T.

Danica J. Broza-Swanson, P. Eng.

Justin R. Lueck, P. Eng., C.E.T.


John Wolynec, B.A. Geog, Adv. Dip. GIS

Health & Safety

Daryl Nielsen, CRSP. CAE.

Natalina Urso, O.H.S.